Level Up

I implemented character levels today. The player starts out at level 25, a relatively high level. I did this so we can skip the boring low level character advancement. I also wanted to give the player a chance to surive the harsh dungeon environment. This does not mean the game will be an easy win. You will just have a chance.

Along with character levels comes the opportunity to advance levels. I let the character gain the first couple character levels with ease. You just need to kill a few monsters. It gets harder and harder to advance after a while. I generously add more hit points to your maximum hit points when you gain a level.

In other news, I have been fixing some bugs I found. For example, when a monster was close to death, I got some errors computing damage that the monster did when hitting the character. This was because the damage done is based on the amount of hit points the monster has. I guess the random number generator does not want the range of random numbers to be too small.

Pretty soon I will have to add some more dungeon levels. I will also finally need to add unique monsters. With them will come the need for unique treasures (such as weapons and armor). A lot has been done. But there is so much more to do. Onward.

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