True Message History

Previously I had added a scrolling list of messages on the main screen of my roguelike game. The list was 10 messages deep. What happens if you want to find a message older than the last 10? You are out of luck. Until now.

Today I implemented a true message history functionality. You must use the CTRL+P keyboard combination. This brings up another dialog with a history of the messages displayed. Currently I show the last 25 messages. But it should be trivial to provide some more.

I really should allow the player to scroll back really far in the message history. The history screen will need to be a little more complex. But I think I can do it. It is not a high priority. But it should be useful.

Next I want to relocate the location of the messages on the main game screen. The area it occurpies now is high priced real estate. I need that area for more important stats. I plan to move the messages over to the right side of the screen. That should not be that hard. I control all the screen locations with variables.

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