Inventory Control

I implemented an inventory dialog for my roguelike game engine today. It shows all the items you hold. It also identifies each item by a unique letter. This made it easy to implement a drop dialog as well.

There are some things to think about for my drop dialog. For example, the user must press the letter to identify the item to drop. Fair enough. But I also make the user press the Enter key to complete the choice. I really should make the choice automatic upon the user pressing the letter key.

I have also glossed over the issue of the user dropping an item on top of another item. Right now it will stack the items on top of each other. But I have not implemented what happens when you move over a space that has items stacked on top of each other. Those are small details though.

Currently I only have armor in the dungeon. So the inventory and drop features only work with armor. If I can generalize this to include other items such as weapons, potions, scrolls, and rings, then I should be good.

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