Monster Fight

Previously I had added the ability for the player to attack monsters in my roguelike engine. Today I let the monsters fight back. The monsters also pursue the player from the get go. There are a lot of monsters in the maze. So life is a challenge as soon as the game starts.

I gave and displayed the health of the player on the screen. I determined how much damage each monster does. There was a cheat involved - I let the monsters do damage according to how many hit points they have left. Now that the monsters attack the player, I need to check whether the player dies.

The monster movement continues to be a challenge. If there are no obstacles, the monster advance directly toward the player. I added the ability for the monsters to move just horizontally or just vertically if one direction is impeded. The problem is when multiple monsters are ganging up on the player. They don't know how to surround the player that well yet.

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