Armor, Weapons, and Monsters. Oh My!

There is good news and bad news about the progress of my roguelike game engine. The good news is that I added armor, weapons, and monsters. The bad news is that they don't do anything.

I just got the static symbology down on the maze. You can see the orcs. And you can see some armor and weapons. You just can grab any of the items. You also cannot attack any monsters. Neither will they attack you.

The interactivity is a task that is TBD. But it looks pretty good for now. I think I shall start with weaponry. If you can pick it up, I better implement the character inventory. And I guess you should be able to wield the weapon. So I should implement player equipnment management.

First things first. I need to determine the properties of a weapon. You would think I need number of hits, damage per hit, bonus for hit, and bonus for damage. To be flexible I might also want to record the symbol for the specific weapon. That will allow different weapons to be represented differently. That would be an awesome start.

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