Collapsing Unique Monsters

I had previously hacked together some code that dealth with regular and unique monsters. The problem was that this code was separate. I had routines that dealth with regular monsters. And I had routines that dealt with uniques. This was cumbersome. So today I combined the two.

The breakthrough came when I decided that uniques act just like regular monsters in the dungeon. The real difference lies when you create them initially, or kill them. In both scenarios there is only one unique. If you kill it, you don't see that specific monster any more. That is unlike regular monsters such as an orc. You can kill an orc. But you might encounter other different orcs on the same level.

Next up I want to give the player a better chance at startup. Perhaps they could get a daggar and a cloak. It would give them a small fighting chance until they find better items in the dungeon.

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