Versioning and TO DO List

I finally started versioning my roguelike game engine. I have declared what I got to be v0.01. This will allow me to track what changes I made in each version. It is nice to see some progress when looking back.

I also somewhat formalized the things I need done in a TO DO list. Here are the tasks that top the list. Currently weapons and armor all have the same character display. I want to make the on screen character representing the item be based on the kind of item it is. Then a staff weapon will look different than a daggar for instance.

The current implementation has one line for status messages. When one action results in many messages, you just see the last message. I want to add a scrolling message area. I also want to allow the player to call up a screen showing lots of prior messages.

One problem I have when monsters are chasing the player is that the end up stuck in a line. Only one monster can attack at a time. That is not realistic. I need to modify the monster chase AI to go around other monsters in their way.

The final important task on the TO DO list is to add uniques. This includes unique monsters, weapons, and armor. Whew. That's a lot to do. I guess it is time to knock out TO DO list item number 1. Version 0.02, here we come.

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