The Children of Hurin

I purchased and finally read the book The Children of Hurin. This is a type of prequel to The Long of the Rings. The real prequel is The Hobbit. The Children of Hurin takes place thousands of years earlier. The good news is that I am getting a lot of ideas for a new roguelike game.

I am getting ideas for all kinds of unique enemies, as well as great weapons from the book. So I am reading the book a second time and am taking a lot of notes. Perhaps I shall create a game based on the book during the next Seven Day Roguelike (7DRL) competition.

Previously I did a Roguelike called JSRL. But that was limited by my experience with the JavaScript programming language. This time I will write the game in Java. And I plan to rock and roll with it.

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Eesti said...

The writing is closer to The Silmarillion in style than The Lord of the Rings, but still bears Tolkien¿s unparalleled gift for description, dialogue, and philosophy. It is easily one of my favorite books but I would only recommend it to fans of Tolkien as it would be difficult, even impossible, for newcomers to Middle Earth to appreciate or understand.