Adventurer's Guild

I took a quick peek at the Adventurer's Guild today. The most impressive thing was that it seems to be all written in Flash. Initially I tried to attack the monsters that surrounded me. Then I figured out that the three of them were part of my party.

I ran around trying to figure out how to pick up this weapon on the floor. Walking over it did not work. Tried all kinds of command such as wield, pick up, and take. Nothing worked. I gave up. Later I saw another such weapon. Then I realized that it was the symbol for an open door. Doh!

I got to my third or fourth room. Then my whole party left me because I could not afford to pay them. The game was over. I guess I need to get some gold quick to pay these lackeys. Why can't they just leave me alone to battle on my own?


Draco18s said...

Going down levels means that monsters are worth more money, as well as there being more monsters. If you see down stairs, take them, unless you can see something to kill.

The first few days you'll pretty much be stuck with the fighter (1st character), but by floor 10 you should be killing enough stuff to pay the whole party.

Also, number keys swap between characters. #3 is the healer, and seems to me to be the next most important.

Characters recover 1 HP and 1 MP per floor traveled down, so take damage wisely (i.e. not at all).

Legend of Angband said...

Thanks for the tips Draco. I don't think I went down any stairs yet. Was just wandering around, getting my bearings. I don't think I killed many monsters either. Got to put that on my TO DO list.