Getting Through the GatewayRL

I tried to download GatewayRL today. Initially the page on Sourceforge did not give me a download. I clicked a link to get things started. You start out playing the game through some menus. I made some choices without much change. Then I tried to take a flight. It was full. I chose another flight with multiple passengers. I got on and the flight took me into the "dungeon".

There was weird symbology for the monsters. They were question mark symbols running around a lot. I walked over a dollar sign, hoping to get some gold. Did not notice any difference. The movement is a bit disorienting when you get to the edge of the maze.

I found that you can look around the map by moving the mouse to control a look cursor. So far I did not die yet. I have been staying away from the monsters. They only seem to burn me. Not exactly sure what my goal in this game is. Hopefully I will find out. Quick note to game players - use the tab key to switch between menu subwindows on the screen.

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