Life in the Shadows

I am trying to play Shadowrogue. The colors are nbice in this game. The yellow of the lighted area is great. The shadows seem somewhat blue. I did find and kill one guard. Aside from that, there does not seem much to do in the game.

The goal is to get something called the MacGruffin. Get it and you can climb up the stairs. This is definitely a minimal game. The messages are color coded. I don't know what the colors mean. It is just something different.

completing a level allows you to increase one of your stats. The more levels you climb, the more guards you must deal with per level. Not sure if the guards (G) are stronger than guards (g). I did eventually die fighting the guards. Got to level three. Killed a few guards on that level before I was bumped off.

This is a simple but nice game to play. The controls feel very natural. Colors are great. Impressive for a 7DRL creation.

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