Real Steel

I am playing Steel Knights right now. It is a web game. Be warned. The game takes a while to come up after you get to the site. You have a partner in the game. Don't attack your partner. You initially have three sites to visit. I chose the dig site.

I was disappointed that the first monster I attack killed me. Ouch. Some leech sucked my blood. You would think I could bump off a leech if I have a lance for a weapon. I forgot to mention that you get to choose a space suit to start. Maybe next time I will choose a different suit.

The second time around, I chose a different site. I killed a monster there. The lighting in the game looking like there is a spotlight on you. You can see the rest of the dungeon. The area around you is just a bit brighter. Every time the game warns me, asking me whether I want to attack somebody, I interpret that as I don't need to do that.

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