The Cogmind Experience

I had a short stint playing Cogmind. The game starts up kind of like a computer. It makes a weird computer sound. I liked that you immediately start out in the dungeon. However the initial room was chock full of stuff.

As I walked over the stuff, I automatically picked up some stuff. However I tried attacking what looked to be a kobold. The game told me "position occupied". What? I know the position is occupied. I was to attack the monster occupying that spot. Don't tell me this game does not have a battle system.

I even tried reading the manual. It talked about combat. But it did not make any sense. Perhaps the k is not a kobold. I will never know because I won't be sticking around to find out.


Kyzrati said...

The game does not have melee combat like most roguelikes--you fight with projectile weapons, so no bump to attack. Press F1 to get a list of commands. There is actually a very complex battle system, far more so than almost any other 7DRL this year. You can see a sample gameplay video on Youtube here.

Maintenance Man said...

I watched about a third of the Youtube video. It felt like some computer scenes from an 80's movie, with the sounds from the log updates, and the flashing scan area.

Bump for attack is so very much expected in a roguelike. I find it very foreign to not have that.

Kyzrati said...

Yeah, but how can you bump to attack when you are allowed to (and generally will) shoot guys who are up to 16 spaces away?