Big Time Progress

Today I made excellent progress on my 7DRL entry Turambar. Got some items in the dungeon. You automatically pick them up when you move over them. The big news is that I got my user interface selection down pat. You can now wield weapons and armor. Yessir. The monsters will no longer beat up on you. You have a chance at fighting back and winning the battle.

I only implemented the user interface for wielding. But now that I got some code to handle that, it should be trivial to do all the other choice selection operations like "take off" weapons/armor. This is very exciting. One of my goals this year was to perfect this user interface. You press 'w' to bring up the wield dialog. Then you only have to press one key to make your selection. Previously I used some standard dialogs which required you to press the enter key after making your choice. That was just too annoying.

Tomorrow I will implement all the other dialogs that require a user choice. Then I can add some uniques and the game is essentially done. The only hiccup is that I must attend school tomorrow. Luckily I studied ahead of time before the 7DRL started. Go team Turambar!

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