The Home Stretch

I implemented the "drop" and "take off" actions using my new easy to use menus. That's enough menu work for now. I got some unique monsters for you to fight. There are some bugs. Can't seem to pinpoint the source as they don't happen all the time. But things are going well.

Not all the menus look and behave the same. I don't think I will be addressing that before finishing the game. I probably should add a help screen where I list all the commands. Right now I am starting to figure out if I can sneak an intro screen into the game. That will take some work. Should I do that, or implement more roguelike features? We shall see.

Althought I started this thing on a Saturday, I plan to finish up some time tomorrow (Friday). This is definitely turning into my best roguelike yet. I know so because it takes a long time to do testing. That means there is a lot to the game. Oh yeah. I can feel the finish coming up soon.

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