The Return of Mont Asall

Previously I got hung up on the Mont Asall game. Could not select the items during my court trial. However Ocean (the author) explained that I needed to press the up arrow and enter to select an item. Now I got past answering all the judges questions. I also made it through my trial without being found guilty.

There is some girl who seems to want to work with me. So I follow her out. We talk, and she gives me some directions. You got to press that 'z' key to pick up stuff. I ran into some monsters. The scene changes into battle mode, kind of like Final Fantasy. It takes a little getting used to using up your time slice in battle. The Esc key brings up your menu.

Unfortunately I was killed during my first battle with two crabs. I was not entirely sure whether I killed one of them or not. I suspect I might have been attacking a crab corpse as the other crab did me in. I will have to try again. This game definitely has some nice graphics and music once you get into it.

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