Lack of Progress

Today was the day I was supposed to start my 2012 7DRL entry Turambar. I had company over all afternoon and evening. Then I got a tired so I took a nap. When I woke up, I was still tired. Grabbed a bite to eat. Did I get to work coding out my 7DRL entry? Nope. I guess I am just goofing off. I played Angband instead.

I am playing a level 49 mage named Lasher in Angband. He has a decent 558 HP average damage per round. If enemies are not resistant to lightning or acid, the average damage goes way up to 932 HP per round. This is all thanks in part to my newly found Glaive of Pain (9d6) (+9,+30). My rings of lightning and acid help with the massive damage. They also contribute to my 200++ armor class.

One problem my character has is that he cannot see invisible creates. He can get blinded and confused as well. That is no fun. I have some helmets that prevent blindness and allow see invisible. But I gave all that up to wield the Steel Helm of Hammerhand (+9,+9) [9,20] +3. You got to love that plus to hit and damage bonus.

Well I hope to at least start my 7DRL entry tomorrow. But I have so many other things to do. I feel the procrastination kicking in so hard.


Darren Grey said...

Stop being so defeatist! Go start now! NOW I say!

Legend of Angband said...

I thought I was all set up because I am taking the week off from work. Perhaps that is why I slack. But you are right Darren, I need to get busy now and start the darn thing. 5 days to go.