Mujahid is Hard

I downloaded and played the 7DRL Mujahid today. When I run the game, I get a Windows command prompt window along with the game window. This might be related to the fact that the game was written in Python. Oh well.

One thing very interesting about Mujahid is its directional field of view. You only see things in the direction that you are facing. It looks like you need to expend a turn to change directions.

Mujahid is a hard game. I can only see to kill one monster before I get killed. The instructions warned me that this would be the case. I guess I need to change my hack and slash technique to something stealthy like a thief.

But I love hacking and slashing. Time to up my game a bit.


Ocean said...

Have to say, I did enjoy this one though. I managed to only kill one enemy ever (and accidentally at that), but I think the emphasis on stealth and running away (and hoping you don't run into a room with dozens of enemies in it) was a nice touch and different than the usual roguelike that I'd play.

It really does seem to be quite hard though, I never managed to kill an enemy intentionally...

Still have quite a bit more to go though!

pat said...

Hey, that's my game! Good to see some people are playing it.

The funny thing is, I actually thought the game was too easy when I was playtesting it. I guess I was overly familiar with the mechanics and while it was supposed to be hard (if you were playing carefully), it wasn't supposed to be impossible.

The AI doesn't deal well at all with a crafty player exploiting corners and stepping out of their line of sight past them for a tricky backstab!

Legend of Angband said...

Pat I can understand that. I play my own game Turambar, and know how to win almost every time. But to others it will appear pretty hard I bet.