Warden is a lot of fun

I have been spending a bit of time playing Warden. This game is fun. I knew it was a good one when I walked into a room and had a load of enemies to attack. This is amazing that this is the author's first game. The thing has field of view, multi-colors, and all that jazz.

Instead of hit points you seem to have stamina. Great. Let's keep that stamina up. I found after a while that my stamina was always going down. I guess I need to kill to keep up the stamina. I liked that even though I died, I got resurrected in the same place to fight on.

The only problem I found was that the window was too tall and did not fit on my laptop screen. So I could not see the messages that were scrolling down on the bottom of the window. Otherwise bravo for Warden.


magikmw said...

Hey, thanks for the review :]

You have a power stat that is equivalent to your ability to fight. It drops when your stamina reaches 0. If your power reaches 0, you are dead.

I've fixed the window size issue in latest update (1.1), and I'm almost done with a new update that should fix most crashes and balance the game a bit. Check my site for news :]

magikmw (http://michalwalczak.eu)

Legend of Angband said...

Thanks for the info Michael. I downloaded version 1.2. The window is sized good for me now. I killed a lot of monsters on the first level. That kept my stamina up. Now I have descended to dungeon level 2. Did I mention this game is real fun?