The Well of Enchantments

I finished a quick check out of the 7DRL game entries posted to Now I am going back to see who posted only to There are a lot of games there. This time around I am reviewing The Well of Enchantments.

I like the graphics in this game. Looks like there are a lot of fairly detailed tiles. Killed off one monster. Saw some type of mold multiplying, so I killed off all the mold. Grabbed some new type of weapon.

The wield command did not work. A message on the screen told me so. Then I pressed space, and the Windows app aborted. Doh! I reloaded the game, but could not find the weapon I picked up. Or perhaps I still could not figure out how to wield the weapon using the inventory command. I give up. Too soon? Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

i was so excited to find someone played it, and so disappointed to hear of an error and crash. there are no crash bugs in the post-7drl version, and i would encourage people to try that version (it should be found on the same download page)
dev, tWOE.

Legend of Angband said...

I will try the new version and hope to do better. Really nice graphics by the way.

Anonymous said...

hi and thanks! since you mention my graphics, you and you're readers should know:
the vast majority are david gervais' roguelike tileset, with a few pulled from the dungeon crawl and nethack tilesets also "rltiles"
i did mod some, but i am fairly terrible at representational visual art...