Drakefire Chasm

I have been trying without success to stay alive in Drakefire Chasm. You start out as a wyrmling. The goal is to become a great worm. You gain health by eating the corpses of your enemies. My problem is that goblins keep using projectile attacks on me. I die quickly. I have played about 10 games so far. I died quickly in each of them.

At the beginning of the game, you choose the type of breath weapon you want. Perhaps I need to learn how to activate my breath weapon. I tried stay in corridors, and not open areas to avoid projectile attacks. It does not seem to help. There are a lot of mosnters in this game.

I am going to keep at in. Not sure if I can becmoe a great worm. But I at least want to get past the first level in this fun game.

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