The Fall of Mont Asall

I downloaded Mont Asall today. The first thing I noticed about it is that it start off in a small window. Then I have to answer a bunch of questions from a judge. Well I wanted to get on with the game, so I just guessed at the answers.

It came to a point in the beginning of the game where I had to choose some items. I was able to move the cursor between the items. But I could not for the life of me figure out how to select them. I pressed the space bar and enter key. I attempted to get some help by pressing ? and h (for help) to no avail.

Feels like I never really got started in this game.


Ocean said...

Ahh, sadly I get that comment a lot and it was a simple oversight on my part (due to habit). You have to press up and enter (or Z, whatever you use to confirm) to select them. I should really fix this as it seems it's been a common issue, so I'm very sorry about this!

Legend of Angband said...

Now I see. You got to press the up arrow to select. That was not entirely obvious. With that info, I was able to get through the questions and finish the court trial. Thanks Ocean.