Lost in the Infiniverse

I tried out Infiniverse. I liked that there was an online version available. Guess it must be a web game. It looks like we are no longer in a dungeon. We are in the universe. Or more precisely, we are in the Infiniverse.

The colors and hues of the game are really nice. I felt more like the USS Enterprise than a roguelike warrior. There were a lot of stats regarding the areas of the Infiniverse I was exploring.

One more thing was odd about this game. I did not run into any enemies. I was expecting to battle some monsters, or at least some other space ships. No luck. I tried going in one direction for a while. Turns on the Infiniverse is not infinite. There is an end. Still no enemies.

The message at the top of the screen directs me to get the ancient alien knowledge. Perhaps this is just a space quest game.

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