Equal in Death

I downloaded the game Equal in Death today. It took forever for the download to be complete. When I launched the game, I found it used the T-Engine that some others have employed. My first impression was not good. The maze is drawn such that moving left or right actually requires you to travel diagonally. No two cells are directly next to each other.

Another problem I had was that text would go off the screen and be unreadable. I maximized the size of the window to help. But new text still seemed to go off to the right off the window. Did anybody test any of this?

I got into an arena. It took a while because I was warned to head to the colors. But I actually had to go in one of the doors. Once in the arena, I read that I needed to grab a weapon and engage in mortal kombat. The only problem was that I could not for the life of me figure out how to pick up the weapon. None of the normal roguelike commands seemed to work. I give up.

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